Executive summary

1. General

    In May 1999 a mid term evaluation was carried out on the restructuring project of the Mozambican police. This project is part of a broader program regarding good governance in Mozambique coordinated by UNDP and has been described in project document MOZ/95/015/F//01/31. It consists of four separate parts: formation, restructuring, equipment and infrastructure of the police. Its general objective is to enhance the capacity of the Mozambican police force in preventing and suppressing crime and next to that to guarantee an internal culture oriented to the rule of law and a democratic multiparty system. Seven specific objectives were stated in the project documentation.

2. Objectives

3. Recommendations

The central recommendation is to continue the project and to design a follow up project. The evaluation formulated a number of conditions for success of a follow up program. They regard the ongoing explicit political support for the program, a substantial improvement of the judicial system and the further enhancement of the capacity for change in the Mozambican police force. They also regard the capacity to sustain the changes realised within the police and the development and implementation of a project to further increase the integrity of the police.

More detailed recommendations were made both for short-term adaptations in the running program and for the design and development of a follow up program.

3.1. Short term adaptation regard:

Further development of field training support

Adaptations to the curriculum of the Training Center

3.2. Recommendations for the design and development of a follow up program are:

Annex I

Evaluation Team

I. Peter Van Reenen

II. Raúl Marcelo Cheves

III. Valter José Fainda


    Mary Straker


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